VIDEO Ad Operations & Monetization


Video Ad Operations

For Video advertising, we have a brilliant command in dealing with all Ops technicalities, trafficking ad tags & video campaigns on all major platforms.

Video Monetization

In addition to Display & Mobile monetization, we are also partnered with all major Video specific ad monetization platforms such as AOL, Verta Media, Beachfront, Optimatic; which publishers & Ad networks can leverage to monetize their unsold video ad inventory & for media buying.
Video advertising exploded in 2013 and has begun to dominate the digital landscape. Publishers, websites and social network providers have realized this and are creating inventory and functionality to allow for video ads to be viewed and to be tracked effectively. Unlike Display advertising, Video advertising involves lot of technicalities and need expertise to setup and monetize the video inventory. We understand the importance of video advertising for publishers & ad networks. And in order to further help them streamline their video strategy & monetization, our video ad ops team has been well trained to handle all kind of video advertising tasks such as video ad trafficking, creating campaigns on different ad servers, mediation platforms, ad networks & SSPs platforms. Some of the major platforms we support are:

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