Ad server Migration

Does the existing ad server meet your business requirements? Are you looking to migrate to a new ad server? If you are, AdBolster is the right place for you. Our team of expertise will help you in migrating your campaigns & replicate the set up in new ad server.

Ad server Setup

Apart from basic ad trafficking, we support you in structuring & setting up your video, display & mobile inventory on all leading ad servers such as DFP, Smart AdServer, OAS & other major ad servers.

Data Management Platform Integration

Layering audience data on top of Open RTB/Private exchange campaigns always results in higher eCPM and revenue. Our technical & Consulting team are here to evaluate & help you integrate DMPs on your platform.

API Integration

Our API solutions will help you in building Reporting & Ad serving APIs for display, mobile & Video
  • Ad Server Setup and Migration
  • API integrations for Ad serving and Media buying.
  • 3rd Party platform Integrations for Audience (DMP), Media trading, I/O management
  • DFP/AppNexus/OpenX and other Ad server support
  • SSP and ad exchange platform support

Ad tech is a rapidly evolving space with new technical specs and technologies that are formed to support this growth. In order to sustain and grow in such a volatile industry, publishers and ad networks have to change their strategy, adapt to new technologies and partners. This may require them to migrate existing inventory to new ad servers or make changes to the existing ad server along with integrating new technology partners to the existing system.

Our team of experienced engineers is here to support publishers and ad networks for all such activities. We've worked with multiple SSPs, exchanges and ad networks and our operation executives have now acquired knowledge, to provide you with all kinds of technical support that are necessary for the smooth functioning of your business.

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