Ad trafficking & Account setups

For Publishers, we can help setup ad tags, publisher account & Campaigns on all leading platforms like DFP, AppNexus, Rubicon Project, PubMatic, Zedo and other leading & proprietary ad servers.

Campaign and I/O Management

For advertisers & ad networks, we offer services such as, tracking campaign performance, generating I/O, creating campaigns on SSP & DSP platforms like Rubicon Project, Turn, DBM, PubMatic, DCM & on other industry leading platforms.

Media planning & Consulting

Looking for new monetization partner or wanted to switch to new ad server? We are here to assist you in evaluating such requirements & planning your overall advertising & monetization strategy

Account Management

Our Account Management team can assist you in your day-to-day management of Campaigns & Publisher Account. Will act as your point of contact for providing customer support, product upselling, technical assistance & for General relationship management.

Ad operations

We have a dedicated and experienced team to manage the day to day Ad Operations activities for publishers and ad networks. The team has proven its expertise and is equipped with all the tools and knowledge required for assisting Display, Video, Mobile Publishers & Ad networks in Ad trafficking, account setup & Ad Campaign setup on all Proprietary & leading platforms like:

Our extensive QA process will ensure the highest quality of services and on time delivery of all requests.

Video Management

Media planning and Consulting

Our Media consultants will assist you for all your media planning needs, such as:

  • Buying traffic from third party services
  • Selling inventory on different SSPs, Exchanges, ad networks (programmatically or via tags)
  • Evaluating Vendors and Platforms for ad serving, Media trading
  • Ad fraud
  • Private market place.

Most importantly, our consultant will act as your account manager and will help execute day to day relationship and business. They will also help you in evaluating, planning and executing Media Strategies, should the need arise.

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