Creative Review & Testing

Before trafficking any advertiser campaign, it’s always necessary to ensure that ad tags are working & serving creatives as expected. Our Brand control specialist team will coordinate with your in-house Creative services team to understand the requirements and will conduct the reviews to ensure the campaigns and ad tags are implemented correctly.

IAB Categorization

If you are a Publisher or Sell Side platform, we can assist you in Categorizing & Classifying advertiser Domains & Creatives. For Agencies & Ad Network, Publisher’s Site URL classification will be done as per IAB standards.

Site & Ad tag Reviews

There is no silver bullet to control creative violations. However, by reviewing sites and ad tags proactively, we can ensure that the ads are rendered appropriately and are serving creatives as expected. Incase of any creative violations, our team will help publishers and ad networks in grabbing the screenshots and tracing call logs which are essential for troubleshooting creative violation issues.

  • Advertiser/Publisher domain classification and categorization as per IAB
  • Creative Classification as per IAB
  • Site & Ad Tag review
  • Creative Review and Testing
  • Ad call testing and Call log tracing

Showing the most relevant and high-quality creative will ensure better user experience, and provide a better conversation rate. Our brand control team are here to help publishers and ad networks to review the sites and ad tags for all unwanted, low-quality creatives.

The team will also assist you in reviewing and testing the creative pro-actively, by checking the ad behavior, brand policy violation and over-all to note if the ad is being rendered before it goes live.

Classifying, Categorizing domains & Creative will be completed as per IAB standards and our creative service team can also help publishers in testing tracing the ad call which is required for troubleshooting issues like:

  • Creative violation
  • Latency
  • Blank ads
  • Malware
  • Pass back call verification.
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